Top 5 tips on selecting your Long Distance Moving Company near Bloomfield Hills

Finding the best long distance moving company near Bloomfield Hills Michigan can be overwhelming. Every estimator is throwing different considerations and angles to challenge you to make that right decision. “Pick me pick me we are the best!” They may not say it outloud but you can almost feel the words as they speak. But what really matters? Here is Quick and Careful Moving’s licensed and insured perspective:

5. Make good decisions EARLY. If you have to choose between a damaged wedding gift or missing high value artwork, neither option would be pleasant.what about a mover without experience vs. A mover who who is prone to cancel on you last minute? Make sure you only ask for a quote from companies you already have researched so you aren’t left choosing between the best of 2 unqualified movers. It happens WAY more than people realize.

So how do you screen them first? Believe it or not, Nextdoor app is a great place to start. If they are not mentioned listed or reviewed in your community through a simple search, they are not even located or known in your community. Next, see if the website has all stock photos. A mover should have a picture of their branded trucks, some real team photo wearing branded uniforms, a transparent physical address where those trucks are stored (not a p.o. box or rental truck address). We recommend the mover should have a location within an hour from you. Next, what do the bad reviews looks like? Are they still rated 4.5 stars on Google? Every service business runs into difficult customers so take that to mind, but just how often and just how bad are the lowest scored reviews?

4. Get a price in writing, ask what’s the absolute most it could be, is there a will not exceed number, what would the quote change to if you add or subtract 100 pounds, ask if you can see a copy of the weight slip before and after it’s loaded. These things will tell the move you are very serious about being treated transparent and fair manner. We’ve heard of movers literally weighing the truck with empty tank, then after loading fill the tank so the customer has to pay for the shipment Weight of gasoline. There is a lot of ways a mover can manipulate your final price. The more you ask the better.

3. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration oversees household good moving interstate. They published a document called “Your Rights and Responsibilities when you Move.” At the very lease ready the headings of each section so you can revisit this if an issue arises. Ask your mover for a copy of it so they know you are looking to handle things by the book, no non sense charges and so forth. Movers are required to provide each customer a copy of this but most times do not. At Quick and Careful Moving (dba QC Moving Systems LLC), we send a digital link via your emailed quote.

2. Specifically ask thru email how a damage would be handled and only accept a response in writing not by phone. How much coverage do I have? Is the coverage extra? If you broke this item beyond repair, what’s the exact process? Most folks ask great questions but accept less than great answers. You are putting you livelihoods in the hands of the mover, you deserve a quality Oakland County Moving Company that specializes in long distance, cross country, residential and commercial moving.

1. Don’t make decisions when the mover is in your home, EVER! Their are many setbacks to being pressured in person to make quick decisions. If you rush this decision you will overlook many important aspects. plan early, decide slower, think worst case scenarios when asking questions.