Properly Handling Art | Screening Your Mover Anonymously

Paintings not supported by glass frame must Avoid stretch wrap and move blankets. Stretch wrap can trap moisture and pads can transfer unwanted color. It’s crucial to recognize the environmental and chemical factors involved in storage. In our professional view: An expert mover should stock custom build cardboard sheets that allow the painting to breathe, prevent the pitfalls described above, and secure that precious item for longevity.

The same methods can be applied to protect a flat-screen TV. Whether by combination of 4 sheets to structure the TV length, width, and depth, or simply to shield the screen, no original box is necessary if you hire Novi and Walled Lakes’s top rated full service moving service provider, Quick and Careful Moving. We same day service 60 mile radius around Detroit, specialize in commercial moves, and are standing by to provide you a hassle free move estimate.

Screening a Mover

Inspect your nearby long distance moving companies by Feder Motor Carrier Database. This is a great way to verify up to the hour carrier authority. Visit to verify your mover is authorized to cross Statelines (interstate), has the proper insurance filings, and is officially authorized for-hire, as well as authorized to transport household goods. The best part is you can conduct this search anonymously prior to making that full hired commitment.