Protect Your Children While Moving | Relocating During Pregnancy

Young children can go through many emotional challenges during a move. The worst is often the part they don’t express openly. The resulting environment can have a devasting impact on their productivity to learn, eat, and sleep. As a parent and observer of my clients over the last decade in the industry, and Quick and Careful Moving’s 9.5 years since opened, here’s my top 5 tips on moving with parenting in mind.

5. Get the conversation going early. Tell them what to expect, how likely it is to occur, what changes to anticipate, and support them with confidence and leadership. Empower them. Transparency with your children will allow them to develop a long trusting relationship connecting the inner and outer world.

4. Use it as an excellent time to donate, sell, or toss their old toys, beds, and furniture. There is very little benefit to moving stuff that you simply don’t use. (Unless having additional kids is a possibility).

3. Although its more applicable in the winter: If you have a full house move to prepare for, your garage and several rooms might be absolutely loaded with boxes for a while during your unpacking. Consider utilizing some external storage to free up space for that garage vehicle parking. Here are Quick and Careful Moving’s cost conscious proposals:

Purchase a small enclosed trailer to store some seasonal toys in your driveway. This will give you space to move around when you are unpacking. If the project looks too overwhelming, motivation can be depleted. Stay organized, stay efficient, relax better! Buying an enclosed trailer is often the soundest financial decision as you can always sell it on Facebook Marketplace when you no longer need it. Investing in assets usually beats renting. Just remember unpacking involves the garage. You may need space to toss the empty boxes after unpacking. You may want to unpacking 1 to 2 rooms at a time and use the garage for the rest.

Rent a 5×10 self storage or a storage vault from your nearest Quick and Careful Moving and Storage. Not close enough for your liking? Consider a U-haul, ABF container, U-box, or similar local solution.

Purchase a Shed from Home Depot or Wayfair. You may need to check with any local ordinances, or your Home Owners Association to make sure you don’t violate any policies in doing so. I’ve created a link to wayfair sheds if this is something you are considering.

Change your style-become minimalist. This option may involve some additional stops at good will on the way to your new home. Put the donation items on the truck dead last so you can grab them on the way over. If goodwill cannot accept some or all of your unwanted items you can either list them online for free, sell, or even utilize our competively prices junk removal services at Quick and Careful Moving. I’ve including Goodwill Dropoff Information and Salvation Army Donation Value Guide, followed by a link to list your items free on Craigslist. See below:

Goodwill Donations:
Salvation Army Value Guide:
Detroit Area Craigslist Free:

2. Family First
Well technically second in this article! Prepare confident building activities to get your young kiddos involved on social activities. If social interaction goes from a usual to an unusual thing, this can send them down a difficult path of abnormal social anxiety, over dependance, and underdeveloped social and learning skills. Make visits to the library, playgrounds, encourage friend making interactions with others, and remember, you get what you tolerate.

1. Child Safety
It’s easy to lose focus during aj exhausting move. Here are some simpme tips:

-Don’t leave scissors laying around used during unpacking

-Purchase furniture-corner and outlet protectors. Just remember many of the outlet protectors literally do NOT help. At Quick and Careful Moving we went through the trial and error to find the best one we could on Amazon. See link below for direct purchase.

-Make sure the electricity is transferred so the child can navigate in the unfamiliar home in the dark.

-Dont leave chemicals out, or easy access to under the sink detergent and cleaning solutions.

Here is a link to child proof the cupboards, corners, and outlets!

Cupboard Lock:
Corner Shield:
Outlet Covers:

Feel free to review Dr. Laura Markham who provides her unique perspective on the subject. Read her top 10 tips on moving with children.