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    Quick and Careful Moving: TOP 5 Money Saving Tips

    Every client has a unique move and preferences. For those who are looking to focus on keeping the moving cost to a minimum, see below:


    Optimal Truck Parking See if the neighbors will get on board with allowing extra space and “front row” parking for the moving truck. Since most movers have an hourly rate, consider getting them the shortest distance between the truck and the entrance to your home/office.


    Disassemble Quick and Careful Moving offers custom services. If you don’t want to go hands on, we are more than happy to provide that extra level of care. For those of you who are going the budget route (comfort vs. cost analysis), consider disassembling the applicable items instead of paying the movers to do so. Common items: Dining table, beds/crib, refrigerator handles, desks, remove pictures and decorations from stairways and hallways, remove or doors, railings and doors in applicable tight spaces, prop the doors open, let others know about your move out such as for elevator reservations, equipment reservations, etc. Disconnect Appliances or hire proper help to do so. We are not licensed and insured to operate on gas lines or plumbing related services.


    Own the Walkthrough and Unload Be specific and clear during walk through. Have those tough decisions already made prior to movers arrival if you are throwing away the old sofa or moving it. During the unload, be very present. Often times clients wind up being distracted and unreachable during the unload so the movers end up making an educated guess so they can keep your cost to a minimum. This leaves you with a lot of avoidable work after they leave, and often too much buildup in the wrong room. Nonetheless, we are eager to do whatever it takes for you to feel that quality of service you are looking for.


    Set the tone No matter what moving company you hire, if you are looking to keep the cost to a minimum, minimize the chit chat with the move team. Movers often trying to focus on the customer needs. Whether the customer has verbal instructions or something to chat about, the movers would feel rude not to pause and listen fully. For the budgeters, we recommend minimize this to keep that optimal focus.


    Walking Distance and Storage When picking a storage unit, ask the storage facility which unit they have would be the shortest walking distance from the moving truck. Almost nobody asks this. Maybe you choose two 10 x 10 units next to one another, with a short walk, instead of that 10 x 20 with the 200 ft walk on the 3rd floor of the storage unit. This can save you $500 on your move in, and another $500 on your move out. Even a mover that doesn’t charge hourly (suppose its by weight), they would have a long carry charge instead generally. Walking distance is HUGE!


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