Top Four Factors That Affect The Cost Of Hiring A Professional Novi Birmingham MI Mover

Moving your business or relocating to a new home comes with many concerns. The last things you think of are surprises when estimating the moving costs. Working with an experienced moving company is crucial to get a clear free estimate without hidden charges. Luckily, some reputable movers will help you identify ways to reduce moving expenses and give you accurate estimates of how the expenses will be. The discussion below outlines the key aspects that affect the cost of hiring a reliable Novi Birmingham MI mover.

Crating and Packing Costs

It is imperative to understand that you are paying the moving company for the time they spend dealing with your belongings. The firm you hire will charge more if you request its workers to pack your items before moving. You can cut the cost by packing some or all your items before we arrive for the relocation to your new place. Also, you can cut the cost of residential packing and moving service further by disassembling large pieces of equipment and furniture other than waiting for the movers to do it for you at a cost.

Poor Access to Pick-up or Drop Zones

Due to poor access, movers may charge extra costs for areas that force them to use sophisticated trucks or moving devices. Also, we may use different routes for our large trucks when your current or future residence has a weak bridge or narrow road. As such, we use additional shuttle services to reach such places and avert possible hassles. However, we assess the places before giving you the price estimate and cover all the charges until with move your belongings successfully.

Long Walking Distances or Staircases

Some moving firms may charge higher if your apartments have long or multiple staircases, which they will use when carrying your belongings up and down. Also, some moving companies charge more when the distance from the entrance to the truck is greater than certain parameters. We always send our field team to assess these parameters and give you a comprehensive quotation.

Time of the Year

Moving your belongings during summer may cost more than other seasons because this is the busiest moving time every year. As such, we can help you schedule your relocation at the appropriate time, depending on your budget, if not an emergency. You may also pay more if you move during national holidays or on the first or last day of the month because rental contracts expire at such times, which means tenants move then.